Ugg Boots and Winter Fashion - The Bible
Welcome to the definitive guide to ugg boots

Over the past decade and a bit I’ve been a big fan of fashion but have developed somewhat of a fetish for ugg boots. I don’t live in my ugg boots or consider them to be the most fashionable footwear available but they are just bliss to wear and can be dressed to look quite stylish. If I can find a way to be stylish and that comfortable in public then I’m all for it. If you haven’t noticed over the last 5 years they’ve also been very very popular and there is a lot of wrong and just plain stupid info out there. Well if your an ugg boot lover, confused about ugg boots or just looking to be amused by one girls sick fetish for ugg boots then you have come to the right place.

First up I’ll start with some discounts I’ve trawled form the web this week.

UGG Australia Boots
If you’re in the UK and shopping for ugg boots do not buy them from the UGG Australia store. Cloggs and Shudoo are cheaper and are legitmate resellers (I’ll touch more on this later) Money Saving Expert also keep a pretty recent list of discount code

Whooga Ugg Boots
Ok so you’re confused? Are these even ugg boots? Don’t worry I’ll touch more on that in future posts as well.. For the moment it’s enough to know that if you closed your eyes you’d probably find these more comfortable than ugg boots so forget about the name for the moment. The good thing is these guys are right into discounting and regular price is typically cheaper than discount UGG Australia boots:

Ok that will do me for now.. Next time I’ll share my thoughts on the different options available, brands, materials and all that stuff..